2018 Commonwealth Games: Nigeria’s weightlifters’ coach disappears in Australia

In a move suspected to be for the sake of seeking greener pastures, the Head Coach of Nigeria’s weightlifters has allegedly disappeared from Gold Coast, Australia, venue of the just concluded 2018 Commonwealth Games.
The coach’s alleged disappearance was made known by Mohammed Yahaya, the President of Nigeria Weightlifting Federation.
Yahaya, lamenting the coach’s alleged disappearance, said it’s an embarrassment for the country. He said the coach followed in the footsteps of some Africans, especially athletes from Cameroon, who chose to escape in Australia even before the end of the Games.
Yahaya told Guardian that he didn’t expect the head coach of a national team to ‘escape’ at a competition venue.
“This is very embarrassing to us because as a head coach, I expected him to act like father to the athletes. But our head coach disappeared into the thin air even before the Games were concluded,” he said.
Two other Nigerians, a coach in the special sports and a 200m runner were said to have also disappeared in Australia.