42 Year old Woman Accuse her Father-in-law of using Juju to Sleep with Her


Constant Muchena (42) says her 72 year old father in law, Mubare Chiringa, uses juju to sleep with her.

Her father in law, Chiringa is the village head of Honde Valley, Zimbabwe, and has been staying with his son and his wife in Unit H for the past three months.

Constant told The Standard that her father in law, “is a wanted man at his rural homestead in Honde Valley (where he is a headman) with a case of him being found in possession of 76 women’s underwear.”

She said “I started having a feeling like I am having sex when he is there in the early 1990s when I had my first born child.

“But, all along I thought that the feeling was Kufunga mureme wangu sezvo achimbobuda nebasa.

“I did not know that my father-in-law was using mububobo on me until I visited several apostolic healers who confirmed that.”

On how she broke the juju, the woman said: “I was instructed at church that I should put salt on white cloth and then insert into my private parts to scare his juju on me away.

“Whenever I wear the cloth with salt he will be angry with me to the extent yekuti vanondituka nguva dzese.”

She added that her husband never bothered to find out why his father insults her using vulgar language.

However, the 72 year old man denied ever sleeping with her. He said she wanted him out of their house and would do anything possible to make it happen.

“I am a respected headman in my village that I would not do such a thing to the mother of my grandchildren,” he said.