“A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.”


Today I want to share some thoughts on the difficulties and challenges that we may face in life. The saying above is not scientifically accurate but it serves to illustrate an excellent point.

Diamonds are, in fact, formed deep within the Earth from pure carbon (not coal) that is subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressures for billions of years. As a result, simple pure carbon is transformed into a diamond crystal which is the hardest natural substance known to man and is also one of the most beautiful and brilliant of gemstones.

Now think of some of the adversities that you may face in your life. Think of these as the extreme temperatures and pressures that create diamonds.
At times we may be under immense pressure at home, at school or at work. In our modern world, stress seems to be inevitable. The question is how do we respond to this pressure and strain? Do we allow it to crush our spirits and steal our joy? Or do we persevere and push through to find the lesson in the challenges we face?

There is no single formula to success but each of us is on a journey and the trials we face serve to refine us and bring out the strength and determination that is within all of us. Where can we find the strength to endure difficulties? It can be found through prayer, through loving fellowship with family and friends and faith that a better tomorrow awaits us.

Within us all is a deposit of greatness that, like a diamond, rises to the surface over time. Remind yourself that life is not always a smooth ride but in every situation there is an opportunity to grow, to learn and to become a better version of yourself.