[A Must Read] 5 Moments You Are Likely To Get Stuck In Lagos Traffic


Having resided in Lagos for some years, everyone would agree to one fact that Lagos is a place of many occurrence.

Lagos, apart from being so populated also has other issues that can get one nut if care is not taking.

There is the issue of housing, feeding, tax of all forms.

However, the one that seems to affect everyone is the issue of Lagos Traffic.

Despite how bad the traffic can be, Lagosians still bask in their driving skills.

As some would say ‘If you can drive in Lagos then you can drive anywhere in the world”.

Well, this may be true, but we all can’t hide the fact that Lagos traffic have made many lose appointments.

It has made others lost their jobs, lose precious lives etc.

But if you have studied Lagos like I have done, you will notice there are some moments one is sure to land in Traffic.

Below are some of the moments.

1. Monday Morning

As we all know, this is the first working day as many Lagosians would be on their way to “hustle.”

The best way out of this to be prepared ahead for the traffic.

But if you get up late, Just buy Gala and Lacasera and drink the time away.

2. Anytime After 6am To 12pm

This time is always the moment Traffic is much in Lagos including Weekends.

Once you hit the road around these hours, like the Boy Scouts motto ‘be prepared’ for the worst.

3. Anytime After 2pm

This is another period in Lagos that is known for traffic.

Majorly, it starts by 2pm when school children are not holiday.

And when they are on holiday, it commences by 4pm as this is the hour some people close at work.

4. Weekends

Weekends are always scary to travel around Lagos, this is due to the many ‘Owanbes’ that would take place within and outside Lagos.

While some Lagosians are driving out of the state to attend a function, some other people are trooping in to attend a party.

In this case the road is always busy.

5. Festive Period

This is one of the moment you are likely to get stuck in a traffic jam.

Because of the high number of people that will be on the road.

The End!!

Having read this, we will like you to share your opinion about Lagos Traffic and your Experience also.

We want to hear from you all.

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