Attacker Runs Bus Into Mosque In London


Any attack has been carried out in London when an attacker ran a bus into a mosque filled with devout worshippers.

Anti-muslim hate movement has increased following series of terror attack in different parts of London.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said what has happened in Finsbury Park is being treated by the police “as a terrorist incident.”

She added that “Londoners have been hit with a series of attacks and have actually been nothing short of heroic.”

Ms Rudd said: “We have again woken up to a terrible incident in London. A man has taken hold of a van and driven it into a group of innocent people in Finsbury Park. There is one fatality that we know about and a number of casualties.”

She added she didn’t yet know anything about the attacker as it was the early stages of the investigation.

Asked why the Metropolitan Police didn’t immediately describe what happened as terrorism, she added: “It was treated immediately as a suspected terrorist attack. We must allow the police to deal with the facts, and they will make sure they make those facts available as soon as they can.”