Bbnaija Top sponsors “payporte” Sacks staff Because Daughter was sick refuse to pay her indebted months salaries and spoilt her image


Bbnaija top sponsor Payporte have been accused in past months for mishandling their staffs and do not pay their staffs even when they claim to sponsor the biggest Tv show in Nigeria.. They still do not pay their staff

A source came out

She was sacked because she sent an email that daughter is sick

This was sent on Monday march 5 ..telling the boss why she can’t make it to work

..and a sack email follow suit

Before this sack came with no good reason.. The source who have not been paid since December 2017 till when the sack unjustly happened.. It is no news that payporte do not pay their staffs and threaten them saying the media is already in their pocket and can’t do anything about it

After the above email of sack.. The staff sent another email concerning her outstanding salary and pension

..emails which prove that she was sack for no good reason.. Even though she was not the first person.. This has happened to ..

Reply from payporte

..and this was what she told them

This reply above shows the fact that she have never had any form of under performance or mis conduct..

Which does not justify a letter for a sack or no pay of necessary funds

..the source was asked to remit all the properties. ‘Which she did remit

And still didn’t get paid from her outstanding salary

She didn’t get anything.. Just word like.. I would get back to you soon.. Which we all know is another meaning of.. We don’t have your time

Even when her daughter was sick and that was the reason she was sacked which was not a good reason to sack a staff

She sent a dm

Many have complained and have been affected my payporte injustice Even when they try to come out. They are threatened

This are injustice.. We know many that face this.. If u reading this.. Share till it get to somewhere payporte would redress this issue .more on this issue would be unfolded in time