Be Sincere: Would You Collect 1 Million Dollars To Be Gay For Just One Day?


Ok!!! Its time we discuss something serious guys.
I was having one of those conversations and well, i thought our NL readers would love to share their minds.
So Nigeria is among one of those countries that frown towards homosexuality in the world because of our cultural and religion beliefs which is reasonable enough.
But sometimes the hatred Nigerians show towards this can be a bit too tense, i mean some Nigerians would pick a murderer over a gay guy, i understand the sentiment but really?
Homosexuality is a crime in Nigeria and i believe as a good citizen you should abide by the law and if you are involved in the act you deserve the legal punishment for the crime but a citizen should not take judgement into their hands.
I had a conversation with this guy who said he can kill a gay person and let a murderer live, but i asked him what if he was offered $1 million dollars to be gay for a day asked if he would take the offer and then his perspective changed all of a sudden.
I personally believe many Nigerians despite their hatred, sentiment and religious beliefs would take this offer and all of a sudden not see much wrong with the act anymore, but some of my guys say they wouldn’t,
So Guys
Would You As A Person Take About 350 Million Naira To Be Gay For Just One Day?
Drop your comments below
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