Breaking!!! Conor McGregor has Just Been Suspended By The UFC


Following that fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas, Conor McGregor has unexpectedly been suspended by the UFC.

On medical grounds actually, he has been suspended until October 28 without being allowed any contact. This isn’t really much of a suspension, unless it’s normal for somebody to be suspended for suffering some kind of injuries.

The official line on the medical suspensions list for the UFC bears the statement “Conor McGregor: Suspended until 6/11/18, no contact until 28/10/18.”

Khabib however was not suspended on medical grounds after leaving the arena mostly unscathed, as confirmed by post-match medical examinations.

Exactly what enduring a “medical suspension” constitutes, one might have to ask a few more questions to know about that.

In any case, Conor McGregor without a doubt will be back in the arena for the simple fact that he’s been making a lot of money, for a lot of people. No big name like his could possibly just fade away for no reason. The UFC would be doing bad business to allow that to happen, so of course this story isn’t more than food for headlines.

Everyone who watched this fight knows at the end, a sort of brawl broke out between Khabib’s camp and McGregor’s, with two UFC fighters receiving suspensions for entering the fight essentially.

Khabib’s cousin showed his facial injuries recently, caused by McGregor. According to Unilad:

“However despite being the biggest fight in UFC history, the planned bout wasn’t the biggest talking point of the night. What followed was. Immediately after the Notorious tapped out on Khabib’s arm, Khabib seemed thirsty for more. He stared into the crowd like a wild bull, eyeing up McGregor’s entourage. Within seconds, he’d jumped out of the Octagon and charged at them – quickly followed by McGregor.”

“It was a messy donnybrook. Spilling into the crowd and then back into the Octagon with countless people including McGregor and Khabib being attacked. Another man who got a fist to the face was none other than Khabib’s cousin, Abubakar Nurmagomedov. In the recent aftermath of the bizarre and violent twist, Abubakar posted a video of his injuries, which have since gone viral.”

There isn’t much else to say about it. People have constructed this sport where money is made through highly publicized fights between people. It’s what people do, find ways to create entertainment, find ways to make money, this entire event is like a show where everybody plays their role, and everybody gets paid, although that’s not to say this is staged or anything like that.