Corruption: Nigeria Rooted 144 Of 180 Countries ― Transparency International


FOR the second year running, Nigeria remained 36th most corrupt country in the world.
According to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) of Transparency International (TI), the country scored 27 out of 100 available points.
“Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya are all important countries to watch, given some promising political developments. The real test will be whether these new administrations will follow through on their anti-corruption commitments moving forward.
“With a score of 27, Nigeria remained unchanged on the CPI since 2017.
“Corruption was one of the biggest topics leading up to the 2015 election and it is expected to remain high on the agenda as the country prepares for this year’s presidential election taking place in February.
“Nigeria’s Buhari administration took a number of positive steps in the past three years, including the establishment of a presidential advisory committee against corruption, the improvement of the anti-corruption legal and policy framework in areas like public procurement and asset declaration, and the development of a national anti-corruption strategy, among others.
“However, these efforts have clearly not yielded the desired results.
“At least, not yet”, TI said in its 2019 report released this morning.