Cuba: Raul Castro Steps Down As New President Diaz-Canel Is Sworn In

Cuba swears in its new president on Thursday, with outgoing leader Raul Castro, 86, handing over power to his first vice-president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, 57.The country’s 605-member National Assembly of People’s Power, a legislative body, gathers in the morning to vote for the 31-member Council of State, which forms the country’s government. The options are limited, as Diaz-Canel is the only candidate for the presidency.The deputy position of first vice-president, Diaz-Canel’s previous role, also only has one candidate, 72-year-old Salvador Valdés Mesa, and there are only five candidates to choose from for the five positions of vice-presidents.And, of course, there are only 24 names listed on the ballots to the 24 roles of secretary.
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