Dear Nigerians, calm down. Your curses did not kill MMM founder – Lucia Edafioka


Do you guys remember MMM? Of course you do.

It is still fresh in your memory. Well, the founder of the ponzi scheme Seigei Mavrodi died during the week. His death would have been just another death except that Nigerians were jumping like crickets on social media, talking about how “Our juju” finally killed him.


I remember when the scheme was the hottest thing since sliced bread; everybody and their family members were involved in MMM. I am not here to blame anybody, life as a Nigerian is really difficult. Besides, some people made money out of it but many lost even the little they had.

I know someone then, a very brilliant fellow who was one of the leaders (abi what did they call them again? guiders?) this guy went from state to state, doing power point presentations about how MMM would make all of us Bill Gates just by sitting at home and pressing our phones.

So, I and my small brain that insisted that MMM was a scam even though I had no proof went to ask him to explain to me. I wasn’t carried away by his power point presentation, or the plenty financial jargons he was spewing, all I asked was, ‘Uncle please explain how this much interest is entering my money, show me where the interest is coming from?’ When he couldn’t do any of that, he told me my mind was too small to comprehend such things. Oh the pain!
Anyway, MMM crashed. I didn’t even have the heart to laugh or gloat properly because people close to me were involved but I did gloat small sha and said, ‘I told you so’. I really wanted to send that particular uncle a message to ask how market? But as a child of God I didn’t want to add salt to the injuries of a very wounded man.

Anyway, my point is this, fellow Nigerians your curses didn’t kill Seigei Mavrodi, o he died of a heart attack. If our curses could really harm the people we send them to will anyone of us be alive today?

Our leaders that loot and steal from us, make our lives so difficult that a good number of Nigerians were scammed by MMM why have our curses not killed them?
Elections are due next year. If you like don’t go and get your PVC. If you like be at home pressing phone, 2019 will come and those who tell us we are indisciplined, people who said they have spent N6.5 trillion in building spiritual infrastructure will win again and we will go back to God punish Nigerian politicians, Ogun will fire xyz governor. Better act now that the power is in your hands, curses will not do anything after the elections.

Happy Easter!