Dubai’s £100m ‘Martian City’ In The Desert To Simulate Life On The Red Planet

In an effort to simulate what life will be like living on Mars, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will build a £100m city in the middle of the desert.
The “Mars Science City” project was unveiled at a meeting of the UAE government this week and will consist of gigantic domes covering a 1.9 million-square-foot area.
It will house a team of researchers who will live there for a year carrying out experiments involving food, water and energy needs on the distant planet. The UAE hopes to eventually build a fully-formed Martian settlement within the next 100 years.

•Dubai’s ‘Mars Science City’ will cover 1.9 million square feet, making it the largest space simulation city built
•A team of researchers will live in the city for a year, and carry out experiments to understand life on Mars
•It will also have a museum open to the public, whose walls will be 3D-printed from Emirati sand
•It is unclear when building work on the site will begin, or its exact location in the Emirati desert

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