The wailing spirit of an abandoned child

A brief story told by Kunle Oyewole and the rest of the Yoruba Tribe “worldwide”


Nwaaaaaaa, nwaaaaaaa , nwaaaaaaaa ,

was the wailing sound of an abandoned baby in a forest called igbò irunmòlé, Abeke has just given birth to a deformed child with hunchback , the father of the child “Aremu”denied it at first glance, he said to himself, “Over my dead body, this thing is not my child”,

Abeke a poor orphan couldn’t even take care of herself talkless of the baby, the baby cried uncontrollably for hunger, she could not bear the thought of the disgusting creature sucking on her breast any longer.

in the middle of the night, Abeke wrapped her baby in a mat, carried a lantern, and went into the deep of a forest called “Igbo irunmole” , she placed the baby at the foot of an oak tree, put the lantern near the baby, and turned her back to it, as usual the baby started again

Nwaaaaa nwaaaa nwaaaaa

The next day, villagers found her dead , her face ripped open by the claws of a beast ,
They contacted a diviner called Òrunmila, Òrunmila baba agbonmiregun told them that the forest now has the baby, that whosoever sees the baby, should not entertain it, because it was now an Ebõra(Evil spirit), a spirit determined to kill whosoever disturbed it.

Some old Yoruba hunters have been privileged to see Egbèré, they claim they’ve seen it run around the Forest wailing, holding a mat and a lantern, and who ever stole its mat , would be rich beyond all imaginations, A lot of greedy people have lost their lives trying to steal its mat,

Till this day, people still try to steal its mat