ECNBA Records Huge Success In Verification Exercise, As Committee Advises Members To Visit Portal For Completion And Submission Of Forms


Huge success has been recorded on the NBA verification exercise of the forthcoming NBA National Election.
This was confirmed in a notice released on the 10th day of August, 2018, and signed by the Committee’s Secretary, Bolaji A. Agoro Esq.
The Committee affirmed the fact that although there have been complaints made by bar men concerning the completion of their verification after the introduction of the user friendly portal, they are advised to strictly follow the advise given in the notice to achieve positive results.
Below reads the press statement
It will be recalled that on 8th August 2018 at 12.00noon, the ECNBA commenced the current verification of voters exercise under a secure and more user friendly portal. Since then, we are happy to report that considerable progress has been recorded with voters completing and submitting the form successfully, in record time and seamlessly.
However, we have received few minor complaints from members such as failure to record the reference no, error messages stating that details as to email address, phone number, SCN enrollment number exist on the system. The help desk is addressing all such complaints and will respond to them.
We have also received complaints that members, who felt or believed that they successfully verified on the portal which has been discontinued but have not received a notification, are worried of being disenfranchised if they fail to complete the form on the new portal. They have requested to be advised as to what action to take before the portal closes tomorrow.
Based on consultations with and the advice of independent technical advisers and the service provider, the ECNBA hereby authorizes all such persons to visit the portal, complete and submit the form.
We have been assured that the sanctity and integrity of the verification will not be compromised. The verified status of such persons is maintained and the information supplied in the new form will be automatically sorted out. We have been assured that the system will not admit of double entries.
We hereby reiterate our appeal to voters to strictly observe the Guide to the completion of the form by supplying truthful records that belong to them.
Dated 10th August, 2018
Bolaji A. Agoro, Esq.
Secretary (ECNBA)