Falana To FACIJ: Channel Your Fight Against Corruption To Lawyers Also


A Renowned Human Rights Activist and veteran lawyer of our time, Femi Falana, SAN, has charged members of the Fight Against Corruption In Judiciary (FACIJ), to be dogged in the task against corruption in judiciary.
He urged them to know that the task upon which they are embarking on has some dangerous elements, but they must be resilient in seeing that they are not distracted.
Mr. Falana made this call in Abuja during a cocktail of the body held at Nico Luxury, Hotel, where he hosted not less than 50 lawyers.
Speaking on the title “Fighting Corruption in The Bar And Bench,” the learned silk pointed out that, the fight is not all about exposing corrupt judges but corrupt lawyers as well, as charity they say, begins at home.
He said, “Before you criticize the corruption in the judiciary, you must first start from your home. It is not about exposing judicial corruption, you must also expose corrupt lawyers.
“When you identify corrupt judges and you let people know, lots of pressures will be amounted on you, both from family members, friends, colleagues, pastors, imams.
“What you are engaging yourself into is a very difficult task, unrewarding, risky, especial where you have a law society or a bar Association that is deeply rooted in corruption.
“Our system tolerates corruption a lot, therefore you must be courageous to tell the judges the truth, but you must do it politely.
“Before, you make any allegation against any judicial officer, make sure you do your homework diligently,” he said.
Speaking further, he encouraged them to seek help from those who are interested and sincere in the fight against corruption in the judiciary and in the Bar.
“What you are engaging yourself into is expensive, it will cost you money, time, your comfort, but some of us who are interested in things like this are ready and available to assist.
“You must be honest because to whom much is given, much is also expected. You will be tested,” he added.