Father of 9-year-old, accuse Road Safety official of sexually abusing child


A middle-aged man who identified himself as Michael Teryila Atsorough, has called on authorities to come to his aide after discovering that an operative of the Federal Road Safety Corps whom he identified as Charles Ali has been sexually abusing his 9-year-old daughter.

Revealing how he got to know about the sexual assault, Michael said Charles’ wife was the one that alerted him on the incident.

He said he got to know that his teenage daughter had been severally penetrated by Charles on the 25th of February.

Michael added that it was the suspect’s wife that drew his attention to it when he (Charles) came home with a groundnut hawker who witnessed one of the many incidents.

The incident was said to have happened at No.49, Otukto road in the Makurdi area of Benue State.

Michael in a statement said, ”On the 25th of February, my neighbour’s wife came home with a girl, who’s a groundnut hawker. She was telling me that the groundnut hawker caught my 9-year-old daughter in the car with Charles who’s her husband. Charles’ wife said the hawker told her that her husband was naked on my daughter.

”Charles’ wife lamented to me how she has been telling her husband to stop the act, as she’s been aware about the whole incident a long time ago. She told me she has warned her husband a couple of times and she’s afraid of the shame such act will bring to the family if aired at all.”

When asked if the case has been reported to the police, Michael said he has been advised not to take the matter to the police.

According to him, people warned him that he would either be extorted or embarrassed if the case is reported to the police, adding that he has since reported the matter to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, NAPTIP.

However, a medical report obtained shows that the girl has been severally penetrated.

Michael, however, maintained that he wants justice for his daughter.

He said, “I want justice to prevail in this matter. Charles has offended me. I go to work very early and come back in the late hours. My wife is late .. so anytime I am away, he’s been in my house doing all sort with my daughter. I am not happy and I want him to be punished. The youths in my community want to take revenge on my behalf but I want the law to take its full course. He should be punished so that others will not follow his steps.”

A human right activist, Ukan Kurugh lamented the ordeal, stressing that justice for one is justice for all.

He posted on Facebook, “I felt his pain too, and even though I advised him to be patient, I must confess the sight of this little innocent child that has been so badly abused left me heartbroken.

“Isn’t it insane to even nurse sexual thoughts against a nine year old?

“I imagined for once that the child was mine or a relation’s, how would I feel.

“Shouldn’t something be done to protect our children from being permanently damaged by paedophiles roaming about.

“How many of these evil men will be allowed to walk the streets and continually wreck havoc on innocent and unsuspecting children.

“Is the law dead? This is a question for those who know the law.”