Having S*x With A Man And Expecting Compensation After Is Prostitution – Pretty Nigerian Lady, Says


A Nigerian Lady identified as Olivia on twitter took to the platform to give her opinion about love making and compensation. She admonished women who have s*x with men while expecting some sort of compensation.
Having sex with a man and expecting some sort of compensation after is prostitution whether it’s getting him to pay for your hair or nails etc it’s all still one in the same you selling that pussy. However, Twitter never forgets and this user is finding that out the hard way.
Last year, she tweeted about faking orgasm just so her lover could give her cab money, and her tweet went viral. So did the message her lover sent to her after he saw her tweet.
The man was heartbroken after he found out and started venting via her whatsapp, as the unremorseful lady posted screenshots of their conversation online.
In a savage way, she told the man the honest truth that she was not feeling him and she had to go home.

Last Year’s Tweet:-