Heartless: Man flings baby off roof to protest demolition of shack

A man in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, has been arrested after he flung his child from the roof of his shack while resisting the demolition of the structure.
According to HeraldLive, the horror scene played out in an informal settlement on Thursday where police and metro police, as well as members of the municipality, were demolishing shacks built on municipal land.

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There were screams as the man threw his toddler from the roof of the shack.
As residents in Joe Slovo township screamed, police deftly caught the smiling toddler who seemed unaware of the danger.
The toddler was tossed from the roof amid a tense stand-off between police and residents over illegally occupied land.
The man was on the roof for about five minutes before he threw the baby spurred on by members of the community who shouted, throw, throw, throw.
Seconds later the man swung the baby by the leg before letting go, causing the toddler to plummet down into the waiting arms of a group of policemen who had surrounded the shack.
The man was then arrested.
Police said the baby was still with them and they “will be getting social workers to deal with the matter.”
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The man was confronted by the police.
He flung the baby off the roof.
Police successfully rescued the toddler as he fell.
The man was arrested.