How Territorial Fight Between Two SA Drug Lords caused Ozubulu Church Killings

EXCLUSIVE : How Territorial Fight Between Two SA Drug Lords caused Ozubulu Church Killings
The St Philips Catholic church massacre was linked to a man named Chief Aloy Ikegwuonu aka Bishop, who is rumored to be a drug dealer in South Africa.
Facebook user Wole Streetjournal has given a detailed explanation on how territorial fight between drug lords, Bishop and another Ozubulu indigene named Obrocho led to the attack on the Catholic church last week killing about 13 people.
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“Bishop himself has an Oga his Name is Nonso from Nnobi. Nonso is also very wealthy drug boy too. Nonso has a very close friend that is also from Ozubulu his name is Tony Snoop (Onwa Ozubulu) who used to be president Ozubulu community in SA.
Snoop is a big time drug dealer, he imports drugs in containers into SA. There is another guy by name Ebubedike he is very close to Bishop, he is also from Ozubulu and he also imports the way Snoop does.
Nonso and Bishop are not into importation, they strictly based on “Atuke”. Atuke means retailers. The Atuke people buy from importers and now sell on the street to consumers. The Atuke people make more money than the wholesalers.
When Bishop brought Ginika to SA, the boy started serving him and was equally making money from Atuke.
Sometime in 2012 or thereabout some Mbaise boys in SA were pushing Ginika to leave Bishop and set up his own office that he can’t be boy boy for life. Ginika confronted Bishop that he wants to leave but Bishop refused because Ginika was the person in charge of the business and he knows all the wealthy customers. With more pressure from his Mbaise brothers, Ginika pulled out and stopped working for Bishop. Later Nonso who was Bishops Oga now called a truce between them and Bishop settled him with about 50m and a Jeep. Ginika started his own business and his own was flourishing because he knew all the wealthy customers who do drugs. He went back home to pack more boys from his village to SA.
After some months of leaving Bishop, tragedy struck and he was shot dead on his way to office. Mbaise boys in SA and some other ones that Ginika brought from village to SA declared war of Ozubulu boys claiming that Bishop was jealous of the boys progress and assassinated him. Bishop denied having a hand in the death. about 15 men were shot dead in SA that year before Igwe Ozubulu and Eze Mbaise called for peace talk. The peace talk was at Igwe Ozubulu’s palace.
Mbaise people gave their condition for peace which is that Bishop must swear an oath at the shrine of Chokoneze a very dangerous deity in Mbaise that if he has a hand in the boy’s death, the deity will kill him. They also agreed Bishop should take care of Ginika’s widow and train the only child up to university level. Bishop accepted everything, went to Mbaise and swore the oath and the fight ended.
There is a notorious territory in Harborough Johannesburg which gives the highest revenue in drug business in the entire SA. Nonso the Nnobi guy who was Bishop’s Oga controls the place. The territory generates a minimum profit of US$50K daily. One day Nonso was arrested with bags of cocaine by SA police and was charged to court. The judge gave him 360years imprisonment. Bishop now took over the territory.
When Bishop took over the territory, he stopped buying market from Snoop (Onwa Ozubulu) and started buying from his friend Ebubedike Ozubulu and another one called Ezechineme na Ozubulu who is also a wholesaler like Snoop. But when Nonso was in charge, he used to buy from Snoop.
Snoop and his cartel led by another Ozubulu boy named Obrosho started war on Bishop and his team so they can take over the territory. About 10 guys (all Ozubulu boys) died on both sides before Igwe Ozubulu called them for peace talk to settle it. Igwe settled them and judged the case in favour of Bishop. Snoop did not accept Igwe’s verdict but Igwe later involved the No 1 man in Anambra who later settled Snoop and Bishop.
Some months later, some Ozubulu boys went to tell that Nonso who is in jail that Bishop did one sacrifice in a park in that territory, that he took his bath naked in the dead of the night and performed the sacrifice. They told him that The sacrifice was the reason police arrested him and he was given life jail and that Bishop did it in order to take over the territory.
Nonso believed the sacrifice story and as a bad guy who used to head One of the cult groups in SA started hitting Bishop’s men using some Locals and some Ozubulu boys while he was coordinating the hit from inside jail. The Ozubulu boys led by Bishops friend Obrosho wanted to take over the territory from Bishop by any means so they were using Nonso to execute the war. They tried killing Ebubedike but the day they went for him he was on his way to new York and they killed his wife. They killed one of Bishop’s boy as the boy was going home after business and collected over 8 million Rands cash from him.
All this while, Bishop had already relocated to Nigeria and was investing in Obiano’s campaign. Aside from the church he built single handedly, the palace he built for Igwe, The road he built was commissioned by Obiano, he also built the bridge linking Ozubulu and Ukpo which the APGA government also commissioned.
He is constructing two buildings in Ozubulu that will house two banks so Ozubulu people will stop going to bank @ Nnewi. He is also buidling a mordern market in Ozubulu. He pays monthly allowance to all retired people in Ozubulu and his people see him as a mini-God and it is a general believe amongst Anambra politicians that all Ozubulu voters will vote APGA because Bishop identified with APGA.
Meanwhile back in SA, Bishops boys retaliated and Over 20 Ozubulu guys were killed in the latest war
Including Tony Snoop. Igwe Ozubulu again called for peace between Bishop and Obrosho. After the peace, Bishop agreed to cede some areas from the territory to him. Obrosho accepted it but told Bishop that if there should be peace in SA, that Nonso who is in jail must be dealt with because Nonso has vowed to revenge Snoops death by killing Bishop.
Bishop used his contact in SA and Nonso was transferred to another prison where there is no telephone network. In his new jail, he can no longer make calls and coordinate attacks. Peace returned.
After some months, this church massacre happened!
As at yesterday, All the Ozubulu boys involved in the previous war have denied having a hand in the church killing.
Their argument been that how can an Ozubulu person go and open fire in his village church randomly? Supposing his umunna and umuada are in the church? And afterall they have made peace with Bishop.
Some pointed it to Mbaise people saying they have come for revenge forgetting that they have already made peace for Mbaise and Ozubulu long ago and that Bishop kept to the terms for peace.
The question now is Who did it?
It might interest you to know that Bishops father has about 7 police men guarding him day and night and following him everywhere he goes but on that unfortunate day, they did not follow him to church. Reasons best known to them.
The Church is a stone throw from their house, how come the police did not hear the shooting and come to their rescue?
The truth is that people fighting Obiano who are aware of Bishops relationship with Obiano and are aware of the existing problem in SA between the Ozubulu drug boys executed that Hit in order to get at Obiano and they have the backing of a superior power.
If u look at the dimension the story is taking on SM and main stream media you will understand that the whole thing is just to hang it on Obiano’s neck because of his relationship with Bishop and co.
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But we are going to talk to Bishop soon. Pls stay tuned.”