“I Dream Of Death Anytime I Quarrel With My Lying Wife” – Man Seeks Your Advice

Good day people, please take your time to read the story. I will try to be brief and precise.
I got married to my wife last year and will have been living peacefully. She is very respectful but I found out that she concealed many things and not everything she told me before the marriage was true. I felt hurt and don’t give her the due respect.
I use to quarrel her about the lies she told me before marriage and she will wet the pillow throughout the night. I have threatened divorce and she will commit suicide if I divorce her.
Here are some of the lies she told & I believe her because I thought she was a church girl: She told me she has HND but it was ND she has. She told me she was pregnant before we marry but she was not. She cut down her age by 8yrs.
Now, anytime I quarrel all the lies she told and deceived me to marry her, I will dream of death in the night. Some time I seen myself dead & being buried or I had fatal accident and died.
Even yester night I quarrelled her & I had a dream that my dad died in a ghastly accident. Any time I didn’t quarrel, I will not have bad dreams.
What will I do now? I don’t know if I leave her I’m going to die. The discovery of the lies has taken all her love from my heart and I have told her eldest brother that I’m not comfortable with the marriage anymore.
I’m feeling so bad that a church girl who always speaking in tongues and praying always could deceive me this way. Everything was lies and I thought she was saying the truth because of the way she was committed to church