Inspirational lyrics kingdom


The flying dog

I was choosing the king
But I refused to be local king
Afore, I was the king
But resigned being their king

Mine, is the magic ring
Which I lost in mood swing
Majorly because of clang
Also can’t bear their slang

I owns exorbitant motors
But left it avoiding potholes
I hope this trekking
Won’t lead me tweaking
And unforeseen aching

So early I woke up
To beat the hold up
Took bath and buckled up
So as to meet up

I spend lavishly
Sometimes angrily
Like millions at a point
Though I don’t have penny on point

I built a jumbo enormous villa
But left it for my diva
I’m so famous
But pretending anonymous
Dodging my rival

I have pool at my house
But prefer swimming at stream
To enhance effectiveness of my cream
And stay away from the mouse

I’m using iPhones
But couldn’t access internet
Because I gave it to someone frying for phone
Still the ambassador on net

You won’t understand till you visit my hut
Don’t be bewildered when the soil is hot
I choose to live ascetic life
Though I live fickle life