Inspirational lyrics kingdom



Albeit all days are good days
But best for you, it’s your fortune day
Sun shines every day
When it suppress your cold, am pleased you say

Being at ensky home, listening to sermon
Great speech that chases away the demon
Man saw a brighten colour
With an inexpressible horror
Saying implement the method it’s not an error

Further more to thee is the great gift
The source of lift
Simply in dark, the light
Even blind differentiate rocket to kite

Order from above, the ever right
That has foreseen the way as right
But who knows when it shall commence, the right?
For abomination to become right

Although Eden way maybe higgledy-piggledy
But gains are only for who are ready
With faith man’s steady
And ignore mourns as if heady

Road firstly seems through
While moon rule
But just like eclipse
When man open a shocking lips

Now sun as taken over
Telling the dusk game over
Man really have no monetary to offer
But “bonafide just” to refer
This is fact populace prefer.

Thanks sun doesn’t have flame
Thanks air wasn’t lame
Thanks hair doesn’t grow on palm
Thanks to the superior of all realms

Crown- prince