Inspirational lyrics kingdom


Our roof

Where are we?
Is this not our former Nigeria?
Are we no more In Niger area?
Let ask elders, where are we?

Why are we tasty beside ocean?
IBB caused all this, with his SAP policy
And others, with their egoistic policies
To their authority, who dare question

To call things back to order,
We need unlimited Constitutional right
And work hand in hand

Though Time squander

Must you die interstate?
Why don’t you task for joy?
All morning you play with toy
Your noon you are smoking cigarette

Now what can you acquire with weak bones?
Nothing but only shame you owns
You wasted your time till sun set
Things are disorganized beyond reset

Here’s the morrow
You were told to work towards
Then no one hold you from moving forward
But you planned for thy soul, unbounded sorrow

Now, what will your children inherit?
Your foolishness or what?
You wasted your time, to plant hardship
For your
innocent sheep.

Crown-prince once gave order
It’s high time God putted all in right
As judgement lies on his hand