Inspirational lyrics kingdom


When smiles dominate the day
So glad,the task wasn’t in vain
Gentle man with high speed on the fast lane
Just like rocket overtaken a plane
Wow! The journey was slain
It’s obvious, and plane…

But, it really involves stress to dig rock for water
Stand strong and sharpen your digger
Either sooner or later
Things will change for better
Not a permanent period called winter.

No permanent season
But, all occurrences have reasons.
Tackle with all efforts
Even in discomfort.

Recall it’s not only honey, bees produce
So there are obstacles in all that seduce
Couple yourself and go to hive
Behind you standing, your belief.

What you vividly envisioned for
You will pay all it call for
You raise even when you Woefully fall
You don’t mind it odour, if more than sulphur

Gain is not an easy task
Only for those sticks to track
Open eye in dark
When you see things taken you aback
Never turn back
When feeling defeated, strike back

You will nail it someday
Then, smile will dominate the day
Then you feel pleased, of effort not in vain
Then gentle man cross to calm lane

Not an easy task to have a feather in your cap.

( crown-prince )