JUST IN: Nigerian Army Resist Boko Haram Attack on Arege in Borno State


Boko Haram terrorists met their Waterloo and suffered heavy casualties yesterday evening 28 November 2018 when they attempted to infiltrate 118 Battalion location at Arege in Mobbar Local Government Area of Borno State.

The Terrorists were completely routed by the troops, neutralizing many of them while others fled in disarray due to superior firepower. As a result, they hastily evacuated most of their corpses under the cover of darkness.

However, during exploitation of the general area at dawn, the gallant troops discovered 4 Boko Haram terrorist corpses and recovered the following;

1 x Anti Aircraft Gun, 4 x AK 47 rifles, 1 x Light Machine Gun, 100 x Anti Aircraft Rounds, 185 x Light Machine Gun Rounds, 4 x AK 47 magazine
(54 x AK 47 rounds, 1 x MOWAG Propeller.

Pictures are shown below.