Lagos Socialite, Vivienne Chiologi, Gives Birth to First Baby at 52

As veteran socialite, Vivienne Chiologi, gave birth to a baby girl, last Thursday, in London, at the age of 52, she clings to the gift of life and a second chance, like dependable friars on the Alp. Having attained that curve in her life when words can no longer varnish her deeds to make up for her misdeeds, she hangs on to acquiescence to guide her across the moors and uncertain expanse of her twilight.
As you read, gaiety and joy have taken root in the household of the Chiologis. Predictably, the arrival of the baby, has thrown her best friends, notably, Mo Abudu, Ruth Osime, Marian Omatsone, Pat Faniran , Debbie Oghene, Grace Osime and many others, into a frenzy of celebration. It will be recalled that Vivienne, 52, got married to John Shittu, a player agent, at the 5-star Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, London, in 2016.
Interestingly, like a practiced maiden eventually coming to bloom just before her rosebuds wilts from full exploits, the Lagos socialite quit the dating circuit to the advantage of Lagos city’s young, desperate spinsters. Before she quit the game to marry John Shittu, Vivian had a notable presence in the coastal city’s high society. But as she inched towards 50, Vivian began to feel the pressure, loneliness and cold comfort of staying single. Luckily, she met Shittu and married him the year she clocked 50.
Shittu lives life on the fast lane, having lost his wife to untimely death few years ago. Even the wife of Pastor Odumbaku, Simi, had a daughter for Shittu. It would be recalled that Odumbaku is a very close friend and confidant of All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader and two-term governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu. And immediately Simi had a child for Shittu, tongues began to wag as the Lagos high society wondered where and how Simi and Shittu encountered each other and engaged in romantic liaison – given their far-flung social trajectories.
But wait a minute, if the news doing the rounds is anything to go by, then, Vivienne is not totally enjoying her marriage with John. We would give you an update after this time out.
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