Let’s Discuss! Name That Mobile App On Your Phone You Hardly Use But Can Never Delete


Yaay!! Happy new week guys, hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Let’s kick start our new week with this funny discussion. The addiction of mobile phones is a disease in almost all of us and many people wouldn’t even want to be cured of the disease.
The addiction is reasonable, thanks to different types of innovations we enjoy from mobile apps downloaded on the phones. Many apps gives us joy and we are not getting tired of them anytime soon.
Most of us are addicted to social network apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. So many ladies are addicted to snapchat and photo editing apps to look them look flawless and elegant.
Regardless of how many mobile applications you have on your phone, there is still one application you hardly use but can never delete, maybe because you know there will be one day you will need it so bad.
Mine is Telegram. I hardly use it but I can’t delete it on my phone. I don’t even know why I’m afraid to delete it.
What about you?

What is that mobile application on your phone that you hardly use but can’t delete?
Drop your comments below!!!