Man, 23, miraculously survives knife stab inside brain in South Africa


A 23-year-old was saved from death by doctors who successfully removed a knife that was deeply lodged in his brain.

It took the doctors five hours to remove the knife through surgery.

Tshepiso Mothibi said he was enjoying his drinks on March 20 when a fight broke out. He was stabbed through his left eye.

The whole sharp side of the knife was impacted and buried in the brain with only the handle side of the knife sticking outside.

Mothibi was successfully operated upon.
He was rushed to the hospital where one Dr Tharun Krishna and his team successfully disengaged the knife from his brain.

Dr Krishna said: “The patient underwent craniotomy to open a portion of the skull.

“The knife was carefully disengaged and withdrawn from the brain in a controlled manner, without causing internal bleeding or injury to the structures of the brain.”

Mothibi retained his vision in the left eye, according to the doctor.