NBA Ikorodu Appeals To NBA President, Paul Usoro, SAN, To Pay 10% BPF Accruing To The Branch


The Ikorodu branch of Nigerian Bar Association has appealed to the leadership of NBA to pay the branch 10% Bar practicing fee accruing to the branch.
According to the information gathered by TNL Ikorodu branch leaders have taken their time to appeal to the NBA national for the remittal.
To them NBA National has deliberately refused to pay the 10 percent Bar practicing fees accruing to the Ikorodu NBA branch for reasons unknown to the Branch members; the branch leaders have appealed to the National to reconsider its unilateral decision, TNL learned.
It was also gathered that the secretary of Ikorodu branch who spoke out at the just concluded Annual General Meeting appealed further to the President of the Nigerian Bar Association Paul Usoro, SAN, to reconsider his decision.
“It has been 2 weeks since the appeal of the Secretary of the NBA Ikorodu Branch on the floor of the AGM but nothing has been to remedy the situation as the funds are yet to be released to into the Branch account, a member lamented.
The Chairman of the Ikorodu NBA, Bayo Akinlade also took the initiative to write a message to the President via his WhatsApp handle seeking the said money to be paid up for the welfare of the branch members that are entitled to the funds and the message is
Message to NBA President regarding UNPAID 10% TO NBA IKORODU BRANCH
Good morning Mr. President. Greetings to you and happy weekend.
I respectfully request that the 10% due to NBA Ikorodu Branch be paid by the treasurer.
The funds belong to the members of the branch who dutifully paid their BPF as at when due.
It will interest you to know that our branch members actually benefit DIRECTLY from the payment of thier dues.
The 10% goes to our welfare account from which we provide free monthly medical check ups for members.
We thank you for your prompt response in this matter.
Kind Regards
Bayo Akinlade Esq Chairman, NBA Ikorodu Branch
Commenting on the issue, members of the branch asked to know why there is yet to be an implementation of the promise at Ikorodu branch.
“Can someone please help me find out why the “financial prudent” national executives of our NBA refuses to give NBA Ikorodu Branch its 10% of BPF PAID?
“A Branch that has been exemplary in its commitment to public interest law? A branch that has used its merger financial resources to help the less privileged and to support its members through its numerous empowerment programs? We are watching and we are waiting,” a commenter said.
Another commenter asked if this is the NBA we hoped for.
“Is this how we face the future? Is this just and equitable? A small branch is being oppressed and victimized in such a brazen manner? This is the work of those we call learned friends, what moral ground do they stand on to correct government highhandedness? Time will tell”
“Dear colleagues, can you see what the NBA national leadership calls rule of law? Can you see what they call financial transparency? Can you see what they call justice and fairness?” another asked.
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