PES vs FIFA Video Game Which Do You Prefer OR Which Is The Best?


On Naijaloaded’s sport section today we have an interesting issue to discuss.
I was having a conversation with a guy today and I couldn’t help but think what the heck!!
I am bringing this on NL, dear fellow gamers it’s about time we talk more about our video games.
Guys, I had this guy telling me PES video game is better than FIFA video game. If you play soccer video games you would have played either of these two.
PES was formerly the king of soccer video games globally until FIFA got really popular in 2013 and every one moved on or maybe I used to think everyone moved on, apparently some people still prefer PES over FIFA.
Personally I can’t understand why anyone would still pick PES over FIFA, I mean FIFA’s gameplay is so advanced and crazy, it feels so real.
Should we talk about the graphics and all the new features added annually? I mean PES is good but FIFA is great.
I would pick FIFA over PES any day anytime either on PC, Console or Mobile. I am patiently waiting for FIFA 19 can’t wait to use my Mbappe.
So I’d like to ask please 
FIFA vs. PES Which Do You Prefer?
And kindly tell us why.
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