Photos: Nigerian-born transgender who got married to a woman had 20 surgical procedures to transition from female to male


Author, singer and certified life transgender life coach and minister, Dr Rizi Xavier Timane, was born and raised as a woman in Nigeria before relocating to the United States where she underwent 20 surgical procedures to transition from female to male.
Timane grew up in an extremely religious Christian home as a girl. He was subjected to multiple exorcisms, and other reparative attempts by his family and church to change him after he came out as a trans boy at eight years old.

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to transgender hatred and prejudice, Dr Timane shared his story about how he had been bullied, faced exorcisms, and ostracized from his church.

After years of struggling to accept himself, abusing drugs and alcohol and attempting suicide, he became clean and sober, reconciled with his parents and married a beautiful woman. The couple live in Los Angeles, California,

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