The longest penalty attempt in the world

Real Madrid, against the rest of the world
Pirlo: Is it a penalty? Sometimes…
Michael Oliver signalled for a Real Madrid penalty in the 93rd minute, but it would take until 96:55 for Cristiano Ronaldo to finally take his shot.
The controversial decision saw a mob of Juventus players surround the official, resulting in captain, Gianluigi Buffon, being sent off for dissent.
The entire spectacle was the longest, most agonising penalty in the world and here are 14 moments to relive again:
The decision of the referee
It was minute 93, when a cross from Toni Kroos from the left to the far post was headed by Cristiano Ronaldo into the heart of the area for the arriving Lucas Vazquez.
The midfielder, with seemingly a clean look at goal, was knocked down by Medhi Benatia from behind.
British Referee Michael Oliver didn’t doubt it and indicated a penalty after consulting with his assistant for a few seconds.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s huge jump
Little has been said about this image, but the jump of Cristiano Ronaldo against Alex Sandro should go directly into the Real Madrid photo album.
The Portuguese star again demonstrated his power in the air to give Lucas a chance.
Ronaldo’s calmness before the storm
The referee awarded the penalty by raising his arm and then the storm arrived on the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu pitch for everyone except Ronaldo.
The striker was the only player of the 22 who didn’t address the referee, instead bowing his head and taking a breath to reach his Zen ‘way.’
No one could break him even though there were several Juventus players who tried it – and the rest is history.
Juventus players surround the referee
The Italian goalkeeper said goodbye to the top European competition seeing a red card in the added time of the second half, leaving Szczesny the responsibility of trying to stop Ronaldo from 12 yards.
Juventus’ players surrounded the referee but the decision was already taken.
The heated conversation between Allegri and Ramos
The presence of Sergio Ramos in the tunnel caused a fight with Max Allegri around the time of the penalty.
That could bring another suspension since the Real Madrid captain can’t remain in that area if, as was the case, he is suspended during the match at hand.
Stress and pushing among players
The tension on the pitch was at its maximum.
Marcelo and Lucas were denied the chance to place the ball on the penalty spot by Mario Mandzukic and Stephan Lichtsteiner.
The action ended with several pushes despite the fact that Sami Khedira tried to relax the situation.
Whistles for Higuain
In the midst of the controversy, Gonzalo Higuain left the field of play and the ex- Madridista received loud whistles from the crowd at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu.
Fighting in the press area
The tension on the pitch reached the press zone as well.
Several members of the private security company at the stadium threw out an Italian journalist from the press box after he taunted Real Madrid fans while showing them a wad of Euros.
Lucas, protector of the ball and the groundsman
The midfielder defended all the attempts from Juventus to destabilise Ronaldo.
He complained when they tried to spoil the penalty spot, fixed the grass and kept the ball until his partner was completely alone in front of the goalkeeper.
In addition, Asensio picked up the piece of grass that had been destroyed and returned to ‘replant’ it.
Words for Ronaldo from Szczesny
After the expulsion of Buffon, the camera was fixed on his substitute.
Wojciech Szczesny took a long walk onto the pitch at 95:30.
After reaching the area, he repeatedly addressed the Portuguese striker trying to guess his shot with his eyes.
He guessed it, but Ronaldo’s hit was more than brilliant.
The goalkeeper jumps and complains about Ronaldo
The last attempt to destabilise the Portuguese as the Juve goalkeeper repeatedly hit the crossbar, which ended up causing Ronaldo to complain to the referee.
Carvajal ‘hiding’
Dani Carvajal left the area to hide in the centre of the pitch.
He turned around and crouched down so he would not see the shot.
Marcelo celebrates with Keylor Navas
The Brazilian went straight to celebrate the goal with his teammate Keylor Navas.
The ball to the area that paralysed Real Madrid
At 98:33, the Juventus goalkeeper received the ball a few metres out of his own area and with a perfect pass, put the ball into Real Madrid’s area.
Giorgio Chiellini won the jump against Varane and miraculously, Carvajal got ahead of Benatia to defuse the Juventus attack.

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