The Man Behind SLOT: Nnamdi Ezeigbo

Nnamdi Ezeigbo is a Lagos Big Boy because he made a journey from unemployment to owning and running a multibillion-naira business in the city he now calls home. Nicknamed SLOT by his early customers, his is a Lagos rags to riches story many people only aspire to in their wildest dreams.
The computer-engineering graduate and founder of SLOT Systems Limited, failed to land a job in oil and gas before venturing into the phone selling business. He of course, eventually landed a job elsewhere but quickly opted for a two-year unemployment streak before taking the plunge into business.
But first, he had to apprentice himself to a computer repair firm where his integrity and hard work stood him out. Ironically, this steadfastness saw him out of the place earlier than the planned six months and put him on the road to opening over 43 SLOT outlets nationwide.
Bet you didn’t know this: The Owner of Slot is just 52 years