A total of 28,667,139 users of deposit money bank (DBM) accounts in the Nigerian banking system now have their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) issued by the system.

The Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) stated that as of April 2, 2017, the said number of BVN had been issued for banking security and identification of customers of Nigerian banks in the country and those in diaspora.

NIBSS had made BVN registration for Nigerians around the world possible by partnering with Online Integrated Solutions (IOS) and the VFS Global to ensure remove distance barrier in conducting exercise.

“NIBSS has come up with this process to ensure that Nigerian Bank Customers irrespective of where they are around the world can enroll and link their BVN to their Bank Accounts. The enrollment process is simple and easy,” said NIBSS.

Meanwhile, the total number of bank accounts that have been linked to the unique number, as at the last count by the agency in February, stood at 51.722 million.

The figure of bank accounts already linked with the unique identification numbers of their owners have increased from 49.991 in December, 2016.The figure has also soared significantly when compared with 2.711 million recorded as at February 2015 and 31.115 million total linked accounts in the comparative period of 2016.

The growth of issued BVN and accounts linked notwithstanding, there are yet 45.85 million accounts not connected to BVN out of the total 97.57 million bank accounts in the system.