Woman Laments In Bank After She Was Duped Of Her ATM Card! (Videos)

A woman has been duped of her hard earned money through her ATM card! In a video that has since gone viral, the woman is seen crying in the bank!

According to a Facebook user that shared the story

I wish to use this medium to sensitized public especially aged that ATM fraudsters are looking around ATM machine with d sole aim of stealing ur cash. This is their modus operand: kindly they approach to help u make ur transaction, they ask 4 ur ATM secret pin & card. They help u insert ur card but with wrong pin. Off course d machine wl reject ur card. Now they gv u fake ATM card which look like ur own. They quickly disappear d venue wt ur original card wt them. D next msg u receive on ur phone is bank alert; deduction from ur account. Don’t divulge ur secret 4 digits ATM pin to anyone. Let us be at alert & pray u won’t be a victim of this bad Nigerians.

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