​Breast Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and prevention 


Breast Cancer: Causes And Symptoms 
Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. It accounts for 16% of all female cancers and 22.9% of invasive cancers in women. 18.2% of all cancer deaths worldwide, including both males and females, are from breast cancer.
Symptoms of breast cancer
A symptom is only felt by the patient, and is described to the doctor or nurse, such as a headache or pain.
A sign is something the patient and others can detect, for example, a rash or swelling. The first symptoms of breast cancer are usually an area of thickened tissue in the woman’s breast, or a lump. The majority of lumps are not cancerous; however, women should get them checked by a health care professional.
Women who detect any of the following signs or symptoms should tell their doctor:
*.A lump in a breast

*.A pain in the armpits or breast that does not seem to be related to the woman’s menstrual period

*.Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast; like the skin of an orange

*.A rash around (or on) one of the Tips

*.A swelling (lump) in one of the armpits

*.An area of thickened tissue in a breast

*.One of the Tips has a discharge; sometimes it may contain blood

*.The Tip changes in appearance; it may become sunken or inverted

*.The size or the shape of the breast changes

*.The Tip-skin or breast-skin may have started to peel, scale or flake.
Causes of breast cancer?
*.Getting older


*.A history of breast cancer

*.Having had certain types of breast lumps

*.Dense breast tissue

*.Estrogen exposure



*.Alcohol consumption

*.Radiation exposure

*.HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

*.Certain jobs: Examples include bar/gambling, automotive plastics manufacturing, metal-working, food canning and agriculture.

*.Cosmetic implants may undermine breast cancer survival
How to prevent breast cancer
Some lifestyle changes can help significantly reduce a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer:
*.Alcohol consumption- Moderation means no more than one alcoholic drink per day.

*.Physical exercise

*.Diet- some experts say that women who follow a healthy, well-balanced diet may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

*.Postmenopausal hormone therapy

*.Bodyweight- women who have a healthy bodyweight have a considerably lower chance of developing breast cancer compared to obese and overweight females.

*.Breast cancer screening