28 Year Old Godspower Emeka Sells Niece Mercy Emeka for N150,000


28 year old Godspower Emeka was arrested in Rivers state for selling his 3 year old niece, Mercy Emeka for N150,000.

He confessed to the crime and said he was forced to sell his niece to Kelvin Ogbunigwu of Omuma in Rivers state because the responsibility of feeding eleven children became too much of a task, he told the police at Obehie division in Abia.

“So when one of my friends Ogbunigwu came and told me that there is someone who would buy the baby I sold her to him.”

He blamed the devil for his actions when asked why he did not sell his own child, since he is married. He said: “It is the devil and I regret my actions and plead that my sister should forgive me for my devilish action”.

Mercy has since been handed to her mother.