70% Of Men Are Fathering Other Men’s Children – Study


Parentage Report conducted in Zambia and Zimbabwe has concluded that 70% of men are raising children that are not biologically theirs.
Both Zambian and Zimbabwean married women have a tendency of having sex outside marriage and pretend that it was their husbands making them pregnant. Therefore, only 30% of married women in Southern Africa are fully faithful to their husbands.
It has emerged that this could be the case for most of SADC Countries where morals and respect for sex has decayed.
The report also indicate that even married women who go to church are not spared, they also cheat on their husbands sometimes with church leaders or pastors.
Even 50% of you married men reading this post right now could be bringing up and sponsoring other men’s children believing they are yours. Only DNA test can save you.
You cannot tell by looking! Naturally women are too secretive and will continue using you to sponsor to expensive schools children they know from deep down their hearts that are not biologically yours.
Experts say if only a lot of men had money for DNA, a lot of marriages would have ended.
In 2010, a Zambian College Tutor decided to take his 5 children for DNA test after he saved enough but came back crying after results showed 2 of his 5 children were not his, and the wife later confessed they were for his servant working in his shop with his wife.
Many have maintained that Africans are polygamous in nature and have more tendencies of having sex outside marriage beyond the 70% as submitted in the report.
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