A.B. Mahmoud Reacts To Indictment Over NBA 2018-Election Results, Says Campaigns Mostly Done In Bad Faith


The immediate past NBA President, A.B. Mahmoud, SAN has reacted to the supposed indictment on his person and others by some lawyers over the just concluded NBA National Election.
Mr. Mahmoud in his valedictory speech at the end of his tenure, today, has said that it is quite unfortunate that some persons have decided to embark on the baseless quest of indicting him and other men of integrity without a thorough investigation.
According to him, some of these fellows are doing this under the pretentious guise of Human Rights Crusaders to run him down and castigate him. He further stressed that the campaigns are mostly on bad faith.
”Some of our colleagues have vilified and accused us of all manner misconduct and even criminality. Many of these colleagues have not bothered to investigate or establish the facts before going to the instant pages of social media to run us down. Their conduct is to say the least unfortunate.
”Some are hiding under the guise of pretentious self-serving human rights crusades to castigate us. I want to say here these campaigns are opportunistic and mostly in bad faith,” he said.
He also said that when they set out to organise these elections, they identified some of the best and shining examples that the profession has to offer to superintend over the process, stressing that, the people who made up the Electoral Committee are men of integrity who were given free hand to operate without any atom of interference.
”The committee comprising Professor Auwalu Hamisu Yadudu, Mr. Tunde Busari SAN and Professor Augustine Agom as leaders are persons of unimpeachable integrity who have held positions of immense responsibility. We gave them complete free hand to conduct the elections.
”The idea that they collude with me or someone else to commit fraud or somehow manipulate the process to a pre-determined outcome is simply appalling and shows the extent to which some of our colleagues have become so deluded in their cynicism and possibly malice towards their fellow countrymen,” he added.
Speaking further, he boasted that there is absolutely no way he could in his wildest imaginations think of Prof Yadudu or Prof Agom or Mr Busari in anyway capable of what they are being accused of.
According to him, he had these gentlemen, some of them for over 40 years, adding that, their integrity is beyond reproach. He also affirmed the fact that the system was transparent as the candidates were taken all through the process.
”Now, has anybody been able to beat the system we put in place? I don’t know. But both the ECNBA and us put in place a system with all the possible safeguards that were feasible in the circumstance. We opened the entire process to participation and scrutiny of candidates and their technical advisers including the administrative of the voting system.
”Nothing was hidden from anyone. Every decision taken was participatory. All candidates were present at all stages until the very last minute. There was nothing that could humanly be done within our resources that we did not do to secure the process.
I was never perturbed for one minute because I have complete clear conscience on this,” he said.
He finally rounded up by reiterating that they will still go ahead to carryout a post-audit exercise, and for this purpose, he has instructed the Execute Director to engage the Services of the KPMG Professional Services, and to report the outcome to the Chairman NBA Board of Trustees Directly.