Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum: A Desperate Attempt To Arrogate Power—-Sani Ammani Esq


You will observe that some blogs have recently reported that one so-called Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum has elected its pioneer excos.
I am a young lawyer from Arewa. As a matter of fact, I am the secretary of the Young Lawyers’ Forum, Kano Branch. I never heard about anything close to or related to Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum. So I took my time to read the reports so as not to speak or write with ignorance. In addition, I also made calls to as many Young Lawyers’ fora chairmen as I could.
After having the facts and opinions from all sides, I conclude:
Do not take my word for it. Read what the report has to say about it:
“Chairmen, Young Lawyers Forum, Arewa (North) conveyed a meeting at International Conference Centre, Abuja during the just concluded NBA Annual General Conference and birthed Arewa Young Lawyers Forum.” ~
From the above reported paragraph, the following points are clear:
1. Chairmen from different Young Lawyers’ fora in the North met;
2. during the NBA AGC;
3. at International Conference Center; and
4. “birthed” the so-called AYLF.
Every lawyer knows that Young Lawyers’ fora are created by branches of the bar. They are feather fora of the branches. Regional fora on the other hand, though they consist of all the branches of their various regions, have their chairmen or governors separate from those of branches of the bar.
The questions here are:
1. Can the chairmen of the Young Lawyers’ fora from different branches in the North create a young lawyers forum for Arewa Lawyers’ Forum?
2. I was reliably informed that the chairman and excos of the Arewa Lawyers Forum was not aware of the said meeting and the purported election of the so-called pioneer members. I do not think they are, up to this time, aware of it. Why did they not inform them?
3. If the answer to question one above is ‘no’, which I believe it is, then why did they do it? If the answer is ‘yes’, then how many chairmen of Young Lawyers’ fora from the various branches in the north constitute a quorum for sitting of chairmen to decide a matter of this magnitude?
4. Can the chairmen of Young Lawyers’ fora take a decision without the knowledge of their excos? If they can, why do they have excos?
There are close to 65 branches of the bar in the North. And each of them has its own Young Lawyers’ Forum with a chairman and other excos. Out of this branches, how many branches were present at the time of the decision?
At the purported birth, there were only 9 of them. And they are “… (1) O. D Jimoh Esq and other Leaders of AREWA YLF which include: (2) Fumen Gandu of Kaduna, (3) Audu Master of Maiduguri, (4) Haruna of Kano, (5) Samson of Jos, (6) Khalil of Damaturu, (7) Paul of Katsina, (8) Abdulsalam of Suleja and (9) Isa Barau of Bauchi. ~Chief R. O. Balogoon Esq. via, the numbering is mine.
A chairman of one of the fora, who needs anonymity, reliably informed me that the meeting was meant for the chairmen to plan who to elect as the chairman of the chairmen. He said, he was surprised to hear that instead of planning, they went ahead to elect not only their chairman but the chairman of Arewa Young Lawyers with all the members present as excos.
A great number of the chairmen present never knew about the meeting. Just like a coup de tat, they learned about it at when it was about to hold. Someone who knows someone amongst them called all of them and lured them into betraying their excos.
There are over 47 chairmen of YLF from different branches who were not invited to the meeting. Why?
The Chairman of the YLF, Bwari Branch Danshitta Shitu Esq. expressed his anger and disappointment towards the whole process thus:
“I received no notice of such meeting as Chairman of Young Lawyers Forum, Bwari Branch-Abuja and I was not part of the purported process. If at Young Lawyers Forum level we cannot get things right, I wonder what would be the future of the Bar. We have a platform for all YLF Chairmen where every stakeholders could be reached but nothing of such. It is elementary that before you can claim to be representing people, you must have their mandate.”
“If I as Chairman of Young Lawyers Forum of a Branch was not contacted, I wonder where and when all members of Young Lawyers in Arewa met to decide on who to lead them,” he added.
It was also reported that the newly elected General Secretary of the bar, Mr. Jonathan Taidi too was present at the meeting.
“While meeting was going on, Mr Jonathan Taidi, General Secretary, NBA came in as a Guest.”
I know Mr. Taidi to be a man of honour and principle. I urge him to disassociate himself the so-called Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum as it has nothing to do with Arewa young lawyers. It is a native of few individuals who are clamouring for power by any means necessary.
As I am writing this piece, thousands of young lawyers from the North are highly disappointed with the so-called Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum.
My name is Sani Ammani Esq. And I disassociate myself from this so-called Arewa Young Lawyers’ Forum.
Sani Ammani Esq. is a Kano based legal practitioner.