Attendant caught selling pregnant women’s blood to ritualists


The police in Ghana arrested a middle-aged laboratory attendant at the Abura Dunkwa District Hospital located in the Central Region for allegedly selling the blood of pregnant women to money ritualists.

Ghana News reports that the suspect, Stephen Enyan, was arrested after a tip-off that he had been in the business of selling blood to a group of ritualists known as ‘Sakawa Boys’.

According to the reports, many of the pregnant women who visit the hospital for ante-natal checks usually lost their babies or in some cases, their lives due to the activities of Enyan.

The frequency with which the loss of lives occurred led to numerous complaints being lodged to the hospital management which launched a discreet investigation into the matter.

They also involved operatives of the Abura Dunkwa District Police who launched a further probe into the matter, leading to the arrest of the suspect.

During the investigations, all fingers pointed at Enyan and it was revealed that he was the major culprit in the sale of the blood of pregnant women who visited the hospital to the ritualists after one policeman posed as one of his customers.

In a WhatsApp conversation between the undercover officer and Enyan, the policeman agreed to pay GH¢10,000 for the blood of a pregnant woman and offered GH¢250 as part payment.

The lab technician was later arrested when he went to meet the officer to collect his balance. It is believed that the suspect sold the blood for amounts ranging from GH¢5,000 to GH¢10,000.