Bobrisky Arrested In Lagos-Update

Last night, a news broke concerning Bobrisky’s alleged arrest in Lagos, with reports revealing that he may have been arrested in connection with him slandering entrepreneur Toyin Lawani on social media.
Now, a new update on his arrest according to LIB reports reveal Toyin Lawani was not involved in the arrest, after a call was put through to her personal assistant who said  ‘please she has nothing to do with that. You people should stop linking her to it’.
While another close associate to Toyin Lawani confirms her claim saying, ‘Toyin won’t stoop so low’.
The Lagos State Police PRO, Famous Cole was also reached out to and he said, ‘I’m not aware of such arrest at the moment. Maybe he was invited for questioning or he went voluntarily to make a complaint’.
From the photos circulating, Bobrisky is without any footwear and he looks visibly distraught which clearly means he didn’t go there voluntarily. He’s also not reachable at the moment as his mobile phone is switched off.
A source also revealed that Bobrisky’s arrest may be connected to his social media post yesterday where he came out as ‘GAY’, a criminal offence with a 14-year jail term in Lagos State.
More to come…