CCTV – Battery Powered CCTV Solution In Nigeria

The major challenges lot of Nigerian not having CCTV Security surveillance device in their Home, Office, Factory, is as a result of epilepsy and non-availability of electricity power supply in everywhere in Nigeria. CCTV is as mean of security to protect every home and environment was meant to run 24/7 so as to avoid any security breach.
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But because of power situation in this country, lots of people refrain from having one in their environment, but there is now SOLUTION, as new technologies emerge everyday.

We are presenting to you BATTERY POWERED CCTV Installation in your environment, the issue and major challenge of CCTV installation in Nigeria was no more power supply, as CCTV surveillance system is very important thing to put in every home, and environment to curb excess of crime, it is now quite mandatory for every organization, business investment to protect their properties with security technology device as human security guard will not know what is happen in every corner of your environment, the major challenge is now power supply as a CCTV system that can’t run almost 24/7 can’t be very efficient, so a battery powered CCTV as come to solve all these problem of power supply in our country.
Installing an inverter in the house could help but the cost of a complete inverter to power the house and your CCTV surveillance system might be very expensive, we find it even more cost-effective and efficient to have a standalone power solution to power your surveillance system different from that of the house (inverter).

Our solution is a Battery Powered CCTV, this is cheaper than our Solar Powered CCTV solution. This battery powered CCTV solution comes with great advantages and makes sure your Security CCTV surveillance system is always online.

Our Battery Powered CCTV Solution:
It can power the whole CCTV system (cameras + DVR/NVR) and a display (TV).
It can run for 24hours, 48hours, 72 hours up to 7 days, depend on your request.
It can be charged even by a small generator when down.
It takes only 2 to 4 hours to fully charged, and last for days
It’s a very portable and flexible solution.
It’s an High Definition Camera (HD-Camera) watch your environment like you are watching DSTV
It’s comes with Night Vision, that is, you can watch your environment at Night
It can be upgraded to a solar powered system, where there is no availability of Electricity from National Grid, such as Farmland, remote area, Village, etc.
Another great features our Battery Powered CCTV, is ability to watch your environment remotely on your Phone, IPAD, Tablet and Laptop, watch live event as they are occurred


Do you know that you can watch your CCTV Camera anywhere in the world via Internet?

 view & monitor your home, property or office anywhere in the world with CCTV camera
 watch your home or office from anywhere in the world on your computer or your mobile phones, Ipad
 check on your baby sitter
 watch your employees
 watch your children at play

IDEAL FOR SECURING INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS: Small Business, Home, Branch Offices and Residential Area & Organization

• Monitor Chains of Offices in different cities or locations all at the same time
• Monitor LIVE event as they unfold
• Record video evidence of incidents as they happen.
• Find and replay recorded video quickly and easily.
• Date and time stamp on your recorded video.

• View your home live using the Internet from Anywhere in the World.
• Receive security alerts direct to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet
• Protect your home and family at any time – day or night
• Automated Ear-splitting Siren Alarm to frighten off intruder
• Automate your home with wireless sensors to get SMS Alerts on Smoke/Fire Detection, Door/Gate Opening, Gas Leakage, Glass Shattering and Water/Flood.
• Get Instant SMS Alert when Someone Tries to jump over the Fence
• Record video evidence of incidents as they happen.
• Find and replay recorded video quickly and easily.
• Date and time stamp on your recorded video.
• Monitor your children at play.

With our latest technologies in surveillance system, you can now view your home, property or office anywhere you are around the world with the use of computer or your mobile phones

We can also configure your existing analogue & IP camera for remote viewing

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