DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! I lost my right arm but I didn’t lose my mind and focus, says Lady who was called to bar


A lady who lost her right arm at a young age has proven to the world that her disability is her stepping stone to achieving greatness.
This is the inspiring story of Susan Ofume, who said that losing her hands didn’t make her lose her mind and focus.
Ofume celebrating her call to bar took to her Instagram page to pour encomium on herself for achieving her dreams.
She said her dreams birthed a great, selfless, unique and beautiful Lawyer Susan Ofume Esq.
Susan Ofume wrote;
“I am Susan Ofume, I lost my right arm at a very tender age but I didn’t lose my mind and focus.
“I have always dare myself to be different that was why I had to go into the legal profession.
“Thank God today it birthed these great, selfless, unique, beautiful Lawyer Susan Ofume Esq.
“I had a dream but today it’s made a reality. Never give up on yourself for any reason, never.

“While growing up I told myself that the only way I can be different is to go extraordinary, I made the hard choice at every point in my life.
“Today, it gave birth to this strong, beautiful, selfless Lawyer. SUSAN OFUME ESQ.#calltobar2018.”