Davido’s Lawyer Says Police Has Freed Singer,He’s now a free man


Nigerian pop star, Davido is now seemingly a free man.

According to the singer’s lawyer, Bobo. F. Ajudua, the Lagos State Police finally allowed the singer to go about his business since they are yet to find credible evidence to tie him to Tagbo Umeike’s death.

We’ve been to Panti and my client has given a statement there too. It’s clear from all the investigation, evidence and statements given so far that David was not at any point with the deceased after he left him alive at Shisha room as as such he’s been released to go about his business,” said the lawyer in his statement on behalf of the singer.

He continued, adding, “Of course if called on to give any more information he would gladly. But in truth he only knew so much about the night and has reproduced this time and time again. They’ve also observed the consistency between his statements and those of all the others interviewed. As as a result he’s been allowed to go.”

This interesting turn of events comes days after a friend of Tagbo named Damilola Usman accused Davido of ‘evading the truth’.

He said:

The question that Davido has been asked is why he asked people to drop Tagbo at the hospital and he is denying the claims. They are asking Davido that why his escorts would leave him to go and drop Tagbo’s body in the hospital. He is showing us the Shisha Room CCTV which revealed that the guy was drunk. We are all aware that he was drunk, but how did they treat him after realising that he was drunk? That is the question that he is being asked but he is trying to evade it.”

Davido is now free to go about his affairs.

Posting on his Instagram yesterday, the singer said he has forgiven everyone who persecuted him during this controversy surrounding Tagbo’s death.

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