Isaiah 12:2-3. Behold; God is my salvation; i
will trust and not be afraid: for the LORD
JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also
is becomes my salvation therefore with Joy
shall ye draw water out of the wells of

If a man fail to embrace Salvation;
condemnation will be waiting for such a man
at the end of his life. you cannot claim to be
saved when you are still oppressed on a daily
basics by spiritual forces. The way of a man
that is saved will pleased the Lord! it is written
in the book of proverb it said if a man’s ways
please the Lord; he will make his enemies to be
at peace with him. if your ways please God;
your enemies will surely bow to you. you
cannot please God; and be piece off. you
cannot please God and beg for bread; you
cannot please and remain in one position;you
cannot please God and lack; you cannot please
God and not promoted in your place of Work.
so are we truly pleasing God. if you please
God; you will be a beloved son and God will be well pleased with you! some people are slave in the sight of God
John 8:34
“Jesus answered them; truly truly i say to you; everyone who practice sin is a slave to sin”


The moment you are still practicing sin, then God sees you as a slave. some people Are servant to God.

Job 1:8
” And the Lord said unto Satan hast thou considered my servant Job”


A servants can be used for experiment. God allowed the devil to Experiment the Salvation of Job. Because he is a servant. while some people are sons to God! not only sons but beloved sons.

matt 3:17
” And lo a voice from Heaven, saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.
only those that please God, are the ones God will be well pleased off. The well of salvation is the son Of God which is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one that will make you to be a son of God through your believe in him

John 1:12
” But as many that received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believed on his name”

A son will dwell in the house forever, a son will make it to the kingdom of God
slave and servant might not make it home, but son will definitely reign with the father. Are you ready to embrace the only begotten son of God, so that he can make you also to be a son of God? the son( Jesus) hate sin, forsake your sins today and confess him into your life’s, he will indeed save you from the coming wrath of God!
John 8:35
“The Slave does not remain in the house forever, but the son remains forever”


you want to make it to heaven? then confess the only begotten son Jesus Christ to your life, so that he can make you a son!

Prayer Point
Lord please make me a son indeed I am tired of being a slave and a servant!