TEXT: EXO 3:14


14. And God said to Moses, I AM THAT I AM, and he said thus shall you say to the Children of Israel I AM has sent me to you

The moment you Begin to understand some of the names of God, From that day, you will never doubt God again. Who is I AM? What Has he done? What did he say he is? Until you answer these 3 questions you will never know him better! Who is I AM? I AM is the All Sufficient God. What is that problem that look as if he is bigger than your God? All that is lacking is your believe, only if you can believe God with all your heart he can never become the all sufficient in your life!

John 11:40
Jesus said to her, said i not to you that If you would believe, you should see the glory of God
Who is I AM?
I AM is the Resurrection and life!
John 11:25a
Jesus said to her, i am the resurrection and the life

What is that thing that is dead? Only if you can believe I AM, He will Raise it up. I Decree in the life of you reading this devotion, anything that seems dead in your life, I AM will resurrect it back to life in Jesus name.

Who is I AM?
I AM is Very Holy! For you to get anything from I AM; then you must also be like him. You can Never Find any iniquity in the heart of I AM! So for you to Be able to call him Your father, then you must not be a bastard. The moment you allow sin into your life, all you are saying is that I AM should be unto you A Consuming Fire! Because to some people I AM will be merciful, and to some I AM will be a Consuming Fire. God is no respecter of any man, but he respect those that respect his word! That is why he said i will honor those that honor me! So for you to continue enjoying Gods Grace, then be holy! Grace is not a cover up for sin.
Holiness will make you Enjoy Gods Grace, while Sin will make you enjoy devils disgrace. I AM THAT I AM has sent me to you reading this devotion. He said he has showed you who he is before, but you are the one delaying his Great promise and manifestations by still touching unclean thing. Why not believe I AM THAT I AM today and He will make you laugh.
But no one can go to I AM without first having a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ! Surrender to him today and he will connect you to THE I AM THAT I AM, and he will meet all your Needs.

Prayer point
Lord Please Give me the understanding of Who you are