9. He bowed the Heaven also, and Came down: and darkness was under his feet!

In the beginning of the Creations, The first Thing that God did was to put Separation between Light and Darkness.
Gen 1:4b
And God divided light from darkness

God knew that if he fails to separate light from darkness, darkness will contaminate the light. A man without Christ is in darkness, until you decide to have a close relationship with Jesus, you will never come out of that darkness. The moment you decide to embrace Jesus Christ into your life, darkness will disappear, why because Jesus is the light of the World

John 8:12
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying i am the light of the world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life

He said he that fellow me, Shall not walk in Darkness. Many claim to be followers of Jesus, but they are only following him just because of the material things they will get from his blessing. If the reason why you are following Jesus is Just because of the food, you will get from him, it means you are still walking in darkness, if you are still following him all because of the every other things that he said will be added unto you if you seek his kingdom, it means you are still walking in darkness. When you follow a fellow, it means you are taking the foot step of that fellow.
So for you not to walk in darkness,then you need to be like Jesus, Following him means, thinking like him, talking like him, acting like him, behaving like him. If you can do all this then it means you are indeed following him. And you will never walk in darkness again.
The main reason why you also need to follow him, is that he is the only entry to Heaven! According to our topic, darkness was under his feet! It only takes a true child of God to be able to put darkness under his or her feet. Anything that is placed under the feet is a useless thing. Which means if you are still committing sin, you are in darkness, Automatically you are under the feet, and you are useless. Sin will only makes a man useless to his Generation, while Holiness will make a man useful to his Generation. God want us to put away anything that is darkness under our feet. We all know that devil is the father of darkness, so which means if you are still obeying him by committing some certain sins, then you will be underneath and not above.
Deut 28:13
And the Lord shall make thee the head , and not the tail; and thou shall be above only and thou shall not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord!

So if you want to always be at the top, then you must be Holy. Holiness will sustain you at the top, while sin will detain you from the top! So is better to forsake darkness totally now by surrendering your life to Jesus Christ. Give Jesus a chance today by accepting him as your Lord and personal savior. And darkness will always be under your feet!

Holiness will Sustain you at the top, while Sin will frustrates you at the top!