Gay Passenger Reportedly Tried To Seduce a Cab Driver


Drama played out in Abuja on Tuesday after a gay passenger reportedly tried to seduce a cab driver.

The incident turned into a big fight between the two men opposite a total filling station in Wuse, Zone 4, around Febson Hotel in Abuja.

OAKTV reports that the gay is well known in Abuja as he is mostly seen wearing women’s clothing. The gay in the video was heard saying: I dey f*ck for y*nsh, then they f*ck me for y*nsh, Na man I be, Na my business, I no dey shame”.

The cab driver, Isreal said: “the guy stopped me, he told me I should take him to heritage and we agreed on N500 for the fare. Later he said he wanted to sit in the front and I allowed him.At the front, he started touching me, he said everywhere dry, make I go feel you?

I agreed to go with him to Zone 4, unknown to him I already knew he is a man. When we got to zone 4, he wanted to run then I grabbed him and he bit me in return.”

A large crowd gathered to beat the gay but for the intervention of the Nigerian police. Watch video below…