TEXT: 1 COR 6:20

For you were bought with a high price, so therefore Glorify God with your body

The moment a player is been signed in a club, firstly he will sign a contract with the club, so as to abide to every rules and regulations of the club, after that he is therefore under the Authority of the club. He must abide to everything that he is asked to do, unless he will be sent away from the club.
That is how God has signed us to his Heavenly team, and we our self’s signed a contract so as to obey to all the rules and regulations of the Heavenly team. And from that moment we are under the Authority of the Heavenly team, and we are bound to abide to the rules and regulations of the team, unless we will be sent out of the team.
In this team where God is the Coach, a player that fails to yield to what the coach ask him to do, will not be used by the coach. Many of us are going against Gods Commandment, because of that he is not using us Regularly for his Glory and yet we are not happy. The moment you begin to play and do what your coach ask of you, then you will be used frequently and your star will shine. A player that is not always used in the pitch of play, such player Glory can never shine. So also if God is not using you for his work,your Glory Can never shine.
2 tim 2:21
Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the master and prepared to do good work
You must be cleanse from that act of sin,before you will become useful.
In a team we have 3 categories of players, which the first one is, stubborn players. These kinds of players are very good in the field of play, but they always have one or two mis-understanding with the coach, because of that stubborn act. But the coach will be using such player managely, but if he continues in that act, he will be sent out of the team! Some Christians are like the first player, very stubborn because they are good in doing the work of God, and some time they are favourite, because of that they will not do all of Gods Will, they will still do their own will. God will warn them on severe Occasions, but cause of that stubborn act, God will send them out of the Heavenly team. The second players are the ones that are gentle and humble, but not that good on the pitch of play. Some times because of the gentle and humble and respectful act, the coach will put such player to play,though he is not that good. But on the long run such players will later be the best in future.
Some Christians are like this player. They are very humble, gentle,respectful to God, but they are not that perfect. But the more he is been used, the more he become better.
1 pet 5:6
Humble yourselves, therefore under Gods mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time
Only if you can humble yourself before God, that is when he can lift you up.
The third players are players that are very humble, respectful, gentle, also these players are very good in the pitch of play. The coach of such player are always happy to have such in his team. Anything such player ask from the coach, he will surely do it to him. Some Christians are like this player, very humble, respectful, gentle, and they are very good in Evangelism and the other work of God. God is always happy to have such a fellow in his team. And anything such fellow ask from God, he will do it instantly, because the fellow always doeth his will at all time.
Heb 5:8
Even though Jesus was God’s son, he learned obedience from the things he suffered
But you can’t become such a person if you are not in a relationship with the Coach son( Jesus Christ).

If you can surrender to him, he will plead to his father to always use you in the field of play, even when you were not perfect, because the more you play on the pitch, the more you become very good. So surrender to him today, so that you can be useful to the one that has Signed you.
Prayer point
Lord please mould me for your use in Jesus name.